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What is an Intuitive Healer?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Good question – and I ask myself the very same question frequently. I consistently find that I’m trying to define what I do and how I do it to people in a way that makes it understandable – especially in the light of the fact that EVERY SINGLE CLIENT IS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE (for me and them)!!!

If I give it to you straight in a way you will not understand. I will tell you that I connect to my very own team of Angels, a spirit led support team of advisors, a healing committee, and my higher self. This experience sounds really off the hook, surreal and impossible. But as a former computer programmer, I can assure you that it isn’t as Hollywood crazy as it sounds. Connecting to my guides is a skill that I envision as simply as plugging my computer into the wall. A session is more like you’re sitting down for coffee with me and a few of my most trusted (and humorous) friends.

Every session begins with a loose flowing discussion intended to gain insights on any topics that the client would like to work on. Our conversation is very casual, and as we talk energetic changes will begin to transform and release. I am very open to and encourage questions and topics as they come up.

​Following the initial discussion, a session can either remain in conversation chairs or be guided to a more comfortable position for energy work. If energetic healing on the table is required, I will proceed to work through reading what is happening in the body and will perform clearing work, similar to a reiki session (but without formal attunements). I will place my hands the envisioned distance from the body and proceed to follow guidance from there.

As another little FYI – your guides will probably also bring items that either you need to be aware of or the energy needs to be cleared in order to heal. I’ve noticed lately that these are the really deep healing, inner-child type stuff that we tend to consciously, or sub-consciously avoid but that is necessary to resolve current patterns.

​A healing session can last anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hours, based on what is available for healing. Much of the work will continue long after our session has ended due to the depth of changes. Afterwards, it is important to allow yourself time to assimilate the information and energy transformations happening into your body.

Here is a short list of the kinds of things that I can help you through:

Life transitions (divorce, marriage, children)

Preparation for end of life

Plateau’s in healing to move through a block

Questions about faith, spirituality, identity

Physical health issues

Major event preparation 

Finding your soul’s path

Working with children

General balance and harmonization in life

Anxiety and feelings of not belonging in the world


Mental and physical trauma

It all sounds a big woo-woo! But if you have ever heard that little voice leading you, that is what it is that leads me. The goal of this work is transformational towards helping you to see yourself as the beautiful, unique person that you are and bring more of that into the world. It is what the world needs right now – so bring your best!

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