What Led You to Me?

Every soul has its own journey and life events that could use guidance. Over the years, I have assisted souls at many physical, mental, and spiritual stages of transition.  With the divine gift free will, souls can choose to take an active role in changing their lives. I empower you on your path by assisting with clearing work and providing you with the support and tools to move forward into your own power. 

Challenges that could benefit from this work (and many more):

  • Life transitions (divorce, marriage, children)

  • Preparation for end of life

  • Plateau’s in healing to move through a block

  • Questions about faith, spirituality, identity

  • Physical health issues

  • Major event preparation 

  • Finding your soul’s path

  • Working with children

  • General balance and harmonization in life

  • Anxiety and feelings of not belonging in the world

  • Infertility

  • Mental and physical trauma

Unlike many psychics, I do not predict the future or tell you predicted outcomes.


My goal is to get you to your highest soul path, with the understanding that energy is fluid and changes are constantly occurring. There are infinite numbers of factors that can change expected outcomes (including your own and others free will).

I honor you in your journey, and look forward to guiding you through healing.