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Welcome to Guided Wellness

Every soul has its own journey, and there are many life events that could use a little extra support and guidance.  My role as a human guide on the planet helps empower you on your path. My role in healing is to educate and leverage my intuition to facilitate support for healing with the collaboration of the divine.  My role as a teacher is to help you support yourself in your healing journey. I work with both mine and the client's teams to coordinate optimal support for the journey ahead and provide you with tools to move forward and into your own power. 

Challenges that could benefit from this work (and many more):

  • Life transitions (divorce, marriage, children)

  • Preparation for end of life

  • Plateau’s in healing to move through a block

  • Questions about faith, spirituality, identity

  • Physical health issues

  • Major event preparation 

  • Finding your soul’s path

  • Working with children

  • Energy healing

  • Chakra balancing

  • Clarity and Guidance

  • Medical intuition

  • Anxiety and feelings of not belonging in the world

  • Infertility

  • Clarity on manifestations

  • Healing mental and physical trauma

  • Past life healing

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Shadow work

  • Support for Lightworkers

  • Space clearing

  • Soul Contracts

  • Energy clearing

Unlike many psychics, I will not even attempt to predict the future or tell you predicted outcomes. Every one in this life has the power of free will - this is the gift of the divine for all of us. This means that everything is a possible! That is what makes life so fun!

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