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Channel Transmission for the Ascension Process and Awakening for Lightworkers

Channeled Message: December 26, 2020

Heather Davison – Guided Wellness: Intuitive Healer

This transmission is broken into profound truths. Discussion and commentary will be in separate posts to keep the purity of what was channeled.

1) Manifestation of Miracles

Believing is the hardest part in receiving miracles. It is difficult for us to believe that a universe as grand as the one we live in has chosen us to receive the blessings and promises, or even the attention of our Creator. How do we get through this critical step in the manifestation process while remaining humble and grateful? Divine obstacle: Who am I to be chosen?

Knowing with our minds and trusting with our hearts are two entirely different things. You see, our minds find it easier to learn something in a scientific evidence-based way than accepting something outside of reason into the full vibration of our reality. When there is a disconnect between the head and the heart, true alignment cannot take place.

Inspiration is a tool of the faithful. (I just had a hawk land outside my window and stay for a full minute before moving into my line of vision. What is important about that moment is that hawks are birds of prey and mean action or movement towards your higher purpose. (Andrews, Animal Speak page 154) Summoning the energy of the hawk can bring meaning to your life after a period of stagnation.

Asberger’s syndrome is a disorder of processing between the mind and heart where the connection is seemingly severed. The truth is, humanity, in its attempt to monetize life has attempted to remove this connection completely in the collective.

Ascension denotes the pursuance of alignment with this higher principle of connection between species, people, and our own true (higher selves). Any attempt to edit the experience of life by filtering it through the lens of the mind is a mutation of the truth of the very essence of who we are.

Humanity is on the precipice of a great awakening, that is designed to reconnect the ancient synapses and connections between the human person and true self. Part of the redirection of consciousness relates to the acceptance of where we have been and full recognition of the dream like state that has paralyzed us from acknowledging our higher purpose. Intention is everything. Support for the ascension process comes in many forms. Connection between people mastering their own journey helps to elevate consciousness through symbiotic relationships to each other. Separation of these souls allowed a menagerie of lower vibrational alignments to be pulled from the structures that humanity was built on. This is imperative for thousands of years for the dismantling of structures not only on earth, but throughout belief systems at the core of all that exists.

An evolutionary step in recognition of souls is currently taking place. Social media and media has attempted to stifle free thought, but the vibration of that stifling is magnifying the idea, like placing it in the earth as magma in a pressure cooker. Instead, the light is not simply an outpouring of gentleness and love oozing forth from the earth, but an explosion of purity that will tether itself to anyone who chooses to resonate with this vibration. Our souls know the way. It is a siren call outside of the perception of hearing that is in the standard range, but that our very molecules can feel pulling them powerfully towards their next goal. The goal always being enlightenment, and betterment of the soul.

None of this is to mean that your soul is not perfect in its current state. Every soul is created perfectly aligned to its specific purpose. It is intelligent in its pursual of its goals, and relentless in its working towards its goal. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Perfect.

Community is part of the human experience, and it is part of our programming to work with others in our circle for the betterment of all. Let’s think about what needs to disappear in order for this to happen. Jealousy, bitterness, anger, rage. All are communal problems that lead to separation. Love is the transforming energy of the collective. All emotions that are not on the higher light spectrum are being called forth to be released from our bodies. To elevate consciousness, much like to cause a hot air balloon to rise, the weights of these emotions need to be released for good.

2) Divine Partnerships and Resonance

Wonder at the vastness of the universe. You are part of this grand creation and instrumental in the song of the universe. Each one of us resonates at a different vibration. We are called to those who harmonize and balance with our song. When people are in disparate notes, there will be struggle for domination. When two notes are complementary, they magnify the balance of the song and together migrate higher into the light. When one song is turned off, the other note will sink back to its own vibration. This is why couples have difficulty in maintaining balance in their union. In divine partnership, they are literally notes of the same song that work best when used together. This means a separation from individuality for the duration of the purpose.

When one of the partners are out of balance, the whole song loses its resonance until such balance is re-achieved. This is a natural part of the learning process. Acceptance is the means for navigating such an instance.

Separation does not have to be seen as a negative experience, in fact, it is a catalyst for learning which leads to true growth. Have faith in the structure. Have trust in the foundation, when it is strong the tree can grow tall. Allow for the space to heal and grow, so that true harmony can be achieved. Direction is sought by your soul, but your internal wisdom knows the way.

Relationships exist in Perpetuity: When you exist together forever there does not have to be physical connection or even a 3d knowing. Acceptance and belief are the key to transcending this reality and understanding the keys to the universe. What is seen is limited. Abundance and grace are found inside of yourself. Happiness and joy are within. There is no need to look outside of yourselves for the keys to consciousness because they have been activated. When you tune yourself in to your song, you will automatically resonate the light frequency of everything. You are all, you are in all. You are a benevolent spirit assigned to this awakening event by your grace.

3) Awakening

Millions have come with to assist in this push, but few have made the haul to the place of actualization. Your gifts will begin to come on line forthwith. Be bold and live your purpose.

You will be blessed with an abundance of support and steps (vision shows walking) whenever necessary. Trust this process, as we have entrusted you with this mission. You are supported.

Transmission complete.

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