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Heather Davison

"I AM" is one of the most  powerful phrases in the universe!

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I AM a woman on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

I AM growing. I AM expanding. I AM a mother. I AM confident. 

I AM living my purpose. I AM a naturally gifted intuitive.

I AM able to perceive the energetic world beyond the 5 senses of

perception for the purpose of healing and growth.  


In January 2013, I experienced a “spontaneous” awakening. Imagine waking up in the night suddenly perceiving ghosts, demons, spirits, energy grids, feeling physical sensations and hearing voices. (It was frightening!!) Suddenly I had the ability to hear, see, and perceive a world beyond what I always knew.  I found balance through mentoring with a gifted energy healer and subsequent 10+ years of work.  Over time, I honed my abilities to work with my Angels, Teams, and Guides to the greatest effect for my clients. 


My purpose for this incarnation is to serve the planet and individuals through the use of my gifts.   The core of my effectiveness is my personal relationship and connection with my spirit Team and empathy and love for all incarnated and in spirit divine beings.

Previous to my awakening, my first degree was in IT where i worked as a professional all over the world for 15 years. My career covered the globe and had me doing anything from coding applications through design of a complete global program strategy.  This experience has supported my energy work through experience understanding complex organizational structures and the endless possibility for expansion.


In 2016, I achieved a degree in Acupuncture.  I see my intuitive work and acupuncture as complementary modalities as both work with the energetic and physical body.  

In my personal life, I am a devoted mother of three busy children! We reside in my cozy manifestation of an adorable cottage on a lake in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Most weekends find me driving to and from sports. I am the "Biggest Fan of Whatever Team one of my kids is on." 

The things I enjoy most are: spending time with friends and family, creating artwork, the sea, travel, being creative, hiking, nature, music, and philisophical discussions.  I prefer experiences over gifts.  I have a passion for learning and am drawn easily into discussions with people about anything they are passionate about. People are my favorite. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve and hold every soul that I encounter in warmth and regard. You are brave to be here, and I honor you and wherever you are on your journey. 

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