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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Client Testimonials

Liz - 

Heather has a unique gift. Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet with a variety of Intuitive Healers of one modality or another. Heather brings something unique and special to the sessions that I have yet to experience from anyone else. For years, I had an unsettled feeling I carried. I couldn't even pinpoint the cause. Without even initiating, Heather pinpointed my internal conflict and worked on resolving it. I was surprised to find the unresolved feeling gone, and it has never returned. She is generous with her time and is very compassionate. I am grateful our paths have crossed. 

Amad - 

I recently started working with Heather. Since then, the work we have done in one session so far has been better than all of my psychologist sessions put together. She goes deep to the core of what you need to address and heal. Her approach is human, personal, and very gentle. I cannot recommend her enough. I have never felt this good after any kind of healing session than I have with her, and the healing is ongoing after the session. This is wonderful.


Heather’s intuitive alignment to my experience was remarkable. I felt seen and understood and ready to begin my path toward healing and personal evolution. I have new insight into my challenges and hopefulness around my ability heal.


Heather has helped me so much. I always know when I “need her.” She is so intuitive and brings calmness and awareness to each session. I highly recommend her and have sent quite a few people to see her.

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