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Image by Sean Stratton

My Philosophy


I believe that there are many factors that contribute to the feeling of disharmony in a person. When God/Universe/Source (GUS) tells us that humans were created in the image of the divine, we tend to imagine a judgmental human that rules over us. However, based on my experiences and intuition, we were created in the same divine TRINITY – Mind, Body, and Spirit and our soul exists at all times as a spark in the heart of the divine. 

I see that our Spirit exists at the core of our physical being, our soul-who we truly are. Our mind is external to our soul, providing direction, logic and trying to make sense of the world around us.  Our physical body is the vessel by which we exist in the world, intended to provide us with a mechanism for manifesting our lessons in the physical.

Any disharmony among those three levels (summarized for simplicity) can cause a disruption in our mental and physical well-being.  This is the reason that we are continuously advised to listen to our bodies and not ignore small issues of concern. The goal is to prevent these small disruptions from becoming greater mental or physical health issues.  

I use the client interview, meditative techniques, and my energetic perception, to work with your soul (higher self or subconscious mind) to identify what is ready for healing. Treatment is modified based on what is recommended and may include crystals, essential oils, colors, Angel Cards, a pendulum, or any variety of tools available at the time. I work with my Angels, Teams, and Guides to release any blocks and resolve issues that will help bring the client back to his/her former balance.  I work with all spiritual practices, but personally, have a heart for Christ.

I believe very much in educating clients about how to maintain their health and a positive relationship with their own intuition and teams. Everyone has the capability, and I encourage this area of self to be explored during your session.

I meet with you where you are in your healing journey.


There are no judgements, and I ensure that everything we journey through together is rooted in the greatest love and respect for you as a person, and your soul.  The goal is to move you into alignment with all that is for your Highest Good, Greatest Health, Greatest Joy, and Greatest Happiness and give you the tools to move forward in an ever changing life. 

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