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I have had a headache for days!!

This is what I have been hearing from people for the last three weeks...including myself and my kids. At first I assumed it was the famous "spring winds" we talk about in Chinese Medicine, but even on the calm weather days these comments prevailed.

When my daughter wouldn't stop complaining of these headaches and her aura appeared healthy, I decided to check in with my guides and get some answers about what was going on. Here's what I was shown AND (the best part) what I was shown we can do about it!!!

Right now there is a new energy coming onto the planet (Gaia). This energy is a higher vibration than we, as humans, are accustomed to. This new energy was brought on by a culmination of astrological events including new moons, spring equinox, solar flares, and Mercury retrograde!! In the energetic world, just one of these events occurring rocks the boat - all four together creates the perfect storm of drama, changes, and uncertainty!!

The vision I was shown for myself and the collective (humans on earth), was thick blue tethers attached to our heads and the back of our neck transmitting energetic information between ourselves and the world. The other end of the tethers are attached to the "old" energetic grids that we have been operating from during our lifetime. The astrological storm is dissolving these grids over the next couple of months in order to migrate people to a new way of being. As the grid is dissolving, our bodies resist the changes and manifest pain as a way of telling you that something is wrong.

The good news is, I was shown what each of us can easily do to help ourselves through this tumultuous time. Feel free to try the below protocol - it has worked quickly for multiple people and I hope you find some answers...and relief!



1) Bring yourself into alignment and connect to your higher self.

Steps include

a) Close your eyes and take 4 deep breaths (that go in all of the way to your belly, count 5 in and 5 out) air flows in your nose and out of your mouth.

b) Imagine that you are a candle flame in the middle of your heart. Move into and become that flame in the middle of your heart.

c) Notice any sensations that you have and be grateful for any warmth, tingling, or physical touch sensations that you feel. These are completely normal, and its also O.K. if you don't feel any thing. It is not a requirement for this to work!

2) Cut your cords.

Imagine that you are giving yourself a haircut of the tethers attached to your head with your hands, touching over your skull and back of your neck. By the time you finish you should have cleared the tethers from your head to the old grids. This is a great thing and you may feel lighter than you have in a while.

3) Set the intention to release the old grids and move to the newer ones that are available to you. This is a visualization that can help you do this. Imagine that you are standing on a step (old grid), and you physically take a step up one to a more sturdy step that is strong and sturdy (new grid).

4) Disconnect from your higher self by thanking yourself, and asking to be disconnected. I always state "Amen, amen, amen" OR "And let it be so, let it be so, and let it be so."

Most of the energetic reset will take place during dream time, so expect that it will be done after sleep.

Repeat this entire protocol as needed. You may need to do it a few times a day, especially if your body resists.

I hope that the above as been helpful and that your headache is gone. I also wish for you to be able to heal the connections and move into a lighter flow of grace and ease.

As always, I am available for private sessions to help you navigate this, and other areas of your life.

Light and blessings!

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