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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Available in Home, in Office, and Video/Telephone

Before your session, I will connect to my Team and your higher self so we are able to move directly into a space for healing.

The session begins with a loose flowing discussion intended to gain insights on any topics that the client would like to work on. The session is very casual, as we talk energetic changes will begin to transform and release. I am very open to and encourage questions and topics as they come up.

Following the initial discussion, a session can either remain in in conversation chairs or be guided to a more comfortable position for energy work. If energetic healing on the table is required, I will proceed to work through reading what is happening in the body and will perform clearing work, similar to a reiki session (but without formal attunements). I will place my hands the envisioned distance from the body and proceed to follow guidance from there.

A session can last anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hours, based on what is available for healing before a saturation level is reached. Much of the work will continue long after our session has ended due to the depth of changes. I ask that you not have a lot to do following a session in order to allow yourself time to assimilate the information and energy transformations. 

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