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"Made to Thrive" Program for Transforming Lives


The "Made to Thrive" Methodology is a powerful healing and coaching program that combines esoteric healing, psychology, hypnosis and Eastern Medicine concepts to re-program the subconscious mind and align your desired vision with your physical life. 

The 3 Pillars of "Made to Thrive" are designed to shift you out of limiting patterns by releasing subconscious blocks while accelerating your growth in alignment with your clear desires and vision for the future. 

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Pillar 1: Know Yourself Deeply

The first pillar of the "Made to Thrive" Methodology establishes your focus for the work that your optimal life demands and your soul craves.

Pillar 2: Heal Your Mind

The second pillar in the "Made to Thrive" Methodology guides your journey into your subconscious mind to release limiting beliefs around preventing you from achieving your most expansive vision for your future.

This powerful energetic clearing heals releases what is not serving you and re-programs your mind  for increased freedom and alignment with your true self.

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Pillar 3: Align to Thrive

Pillar 3 is dedicated to designing your vision for your life, setting new inspired goals, and creating an action plan for their achievement. All of this is done in alignment with your personal purpose and mission for your life.

What is Included in the Program?

You will be provided with private coaching and introspective tools to develop self-awareness by learning to connect to your intuition and spirit. 

  • 3 Weekly Group Calls by Topic

  • 4 Private 1:1's at Pivotal Points in the Process

  • Community Group Sharing Tools and Discussions

  • Online Self-Paced Course for Educational Content (Video/ Printable Worksheets)

  • Healing Protocols

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