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When did you become a psychic?

Upon my posting my new company and releasing to the public that I am an Intuitive Healer, I have been asked a few interesting questions. Most frequently (paraphrased) - how did you go from being an IT Professional to a Psychic? It sure seems like a stretch!

I promise you, it wasn't that straightforward, and I have pondered this crooked life path in depth myself. Even using the term "normal" person when relating to my previous life as an IT Professional or as a stay at home, suburban, mini-van driving mom. Even today I hesitate to call myself a "psychic" because of the negative connotations that I personally have associated with the term. I envisioned myself a spacey, disconnected from reality person gazing into the sky and making profoundly strange declarations and prophesies regarding the end of the world!

Since abandoning my hidden intuitive abilities I have discovered that humans have strong reactions to what I do for a living. You may have heard the phrase "People ask you what you do for a living so that they can calculate the level of respect to give you."(Reddit) I have found this to be true! I have watched a previously friendly face contort into a confused "who farted" look as they make lame excuses and exists. I went from being an interesting world-traveling professional and interesting conversationalist to an uncomfortable reminder that I no longer fit into everyone's expectations! Nothing has ended being hit on faster than telling people I am an intuitive!!! (Not that I mind, those aren't my people.)

Here's my take on it. I haven't really changed that much! I still love to travel and learn everything that I can about physics, medicine, philosophy and even business! I have just become more vocal about my spirituality and have a view of the world that allows me to be more open and loving to the journeys we are all on.

Spirituality is defined as the quality of being concerned with the human soul as opposed to material things. (Wikipedia) A spiritual practice is completely independent of my career, and I was very involved in my church prior to my awakening.

I can't ignore that there IS a big difference in me! I choose to live my life with a focus on seeking answers within myself and believing that I create my own reality with the goal of expanding my soul's knowledge of myself, many souls that I encounter, and the universe. People have asked what my "superpowers" are, and I will often say that I have the ability to perceive some things beyond normal levels of perceptions. But I don't read minds, I don't predict the future. I wouldn't want to! (More about that on

I want what I do during my time on earth to make a difference. If my work can bring one soul closer to who they truly are and help them feel empowered to heal their lives, then I have succeeded. I pray daily to make the world better just by being here.

My prayer for you is the same, regardless of what you do and were you are on this earth. Namaste' (My soul recognizes your soul.)

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