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How can I live my "Best Life"?!?

I feel like I can’t turn around without hearing that we should be living our best life! That we should all be meditating, finding self-love, and breaking barriers. These are all positive ideas, but what do all of these memes mean to you when you are just trying to get through life!

Your life is already over-filled and under-financed! You race from things you “have to do” instead of things you love to do. In all of the chaos, how can you get yourself to your best life?

I’ve put together some spirit-led small things that you can add to your week that can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself and your life. Doing these things can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day and the cost of a new spiral notebook!

1) Meditate on your intentions for the day. (10 minutes) This is where you spend time in the morning envisioning how you would like the day to go, and focusing on the positive emotions you would like to feel as the day progresses. I would suggest during your shower or while having your morning coffee – I never go without.

2) I AM. List 10 positive “I AM” statements that you embody, eventually expanding the list as you grow and more amazing things about you are revealed.

Two of the most powerful words in the universe are “I AM”. You are a creator and have the power to start every moment as a new beginning. This is so important that I want to re-state it. Every moment in life is a new beginning, the only thing you can control is right now. Defining your “I AM” will help to not only see the good in you now, but project out who you truly are into the future.

3) Find your passion - and do it for yourself. Take 1 hour per day to cultivate something that brings your joy. This could be anything from writing in a journal to pursuing a physical activity (like biking) and everything in between. The joy that you feel in this activity will bring you back to your center. It is a form of self-love and appreciation that expands positive energy into everything you do.

4) Listen to a guided meditation that will help work on clearing lower vibrational energies from your body. I would suggest listening to it when you go to bed – and it will take 0 minutes away from your already busy day .

I recommend starting with Jason Stephenson. He has a powerful series of free meditations available on YouTube.

Find what resonates for you, even if there are no spoken words.

5) Forgive yourself. This includes all of the stories that you tell yourself about who you are and what you've done and not done in life. Write these things out in a journal and release your expectations to your Angels, Teams, and Guides.

Some people think there is power in actually burning the paper it is on. I don’t want to tell anyone to do that and have an incident. So I recommend the following visualization instead.

Close your eyes and imagine putting all of the items to forgive into a box. When you have put absolutely everything inside, lock the box and imagine handing it up into the higher realms, trusting that they are released and handled.

You need to accept the forgiveness that is already granted to you from God/Source/the Universe. Logically, most of us have learned that we are already forgiven, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to open your heart and accept the clean slate.

6) Goal Setting: Turn your goals into transformational, positive language that includes the power of the positive intentions. This means that you will take the goals you have for yourself, your family, and your life for 2019 and imagine feeling the emotion of already having achieved it.

The universe is made up of energy, what you project out in front of you will be what you project into your future and your soul will draw towards you.

For example: If a goal for you and your family is to take a family trip together in August, your statement can be "Take a family vacation to the Bahamas where everyone bonds together to create joyful memories in a beautiful destination. I will be present and my greatest joy will be in sharing these joyful experiences."

After reading that statement, put yourself into the emotion of being there. Allow yourself to move into the joy and love of the vacation with your family. Set the expectations of the family engagement as loving and positive. You can put yourself into that state daily to remind you of the goal.

7) Get to know and accept yourself at your core. Spend time in reflection about your personal passions, priorities, and how YOU personally define success. Make the decisions in your life that support your best life. When you are in alignment with who you are at your core, you will be open to receive what nourishes who you are.

If you can master yourself, it will be a blessing for everyone around you to see. Remember, our children see everything we do. Live your life in the way you would want your children to have the freedom to live.

8) Be Here Now. When anxiety or fear starts to set in and you notice your mind start to race. Stop yourself from looking backwards in time with regrets or forward into the unpredictable future with worry, and become aware of the moment you are in.

In my case for simplicity, I will recommend becoming aware of your breath. By this I don't mean aware that you are breathing. We all are!!! It is about taking the time to close your eyes and deliberately breathe air in through your nose for 4 seconds, feeling your lungs fill and being aware of the silence around you. Then breathing out for 5 seconds, while appreciating the feel of the air coming out of your mouth. (There are many techniques which you can find on the internet, I find this is the easiest to explain.)

I hope that this has given you a few ideas for ways to master your life. Understand that having your Best Life is really about how YOU feel about your life. The happiness and joy in your heart.

If this resonates for you and you would like more information, please message or schedule a session at I would love to help you life your Best Life.

Light and Blessings – Heather

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